International Marketing

CICA Life Insurance Company of America (“CICA LIFE”) has been making U.S.-dollar denominated life insurance policies available to qualified individuals worldwide since 1975, and has policyowners located primarily in Latin America and the Pacific Rim.  We specialize in offering the best-designed policies, mostly focused on cash values and settlement options, in order to ensure a worry-free retirement. 

International Product Advantages & Benefits

The CICA LIFE products offer distinctive advantages that set us apart in the industry. Some of these advantages are:

  • Better rates than national companies
  • Exciting U.S.-dollar benefits
  • Currency devaluation protection
  • Capital transference
  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Protection of loved ones in event of insured's death
  • Policies with special unique features
  • Monthly income for you, or loved ones if you die

To obtain information about these products or sales opportunities with CICA LIFE, please contact the International Marketing Department by e-mail: