CICA Life Insurance Company of America (“CICA LIFE”) primarily offers living-benefit life insurance products designed to improve the quality of life for individuals around the world.  Its objective is to encourage and enable people to accumulate money and earn interest in order to provide themselves peace of mind because their financial future is secure.  The building of wealth through systematic accumulation of money can be accomplished through a living-benefit, interest-earning life insurance policy that develops cash values in addition to providing financial benefits for your loved ones in the event of your death. 

The home offices of CICA LIFE are located in Austin, Texas, at the intersection of Interstate 35 on U.S. Highway 183.  The Company's operations are located in its beautiful, six-story, 80,000-square foot facility.

International Products

UNIQUE FEATURES: The creation of CICA LIFE's Freedom Series introduces one of the most exciting portfolios of living-benefit life insurance products ever offered in the international market. These participating, whole life products build large cash values to address the major financial concerns of individuals worldwide, including retirement income, terminal illness, death, accidental dismemberment, currency protection against devaluation or inflation, and capital transference.

FOCUSING ON NEEDS: CICA LIFE's products focus on cash accumulation, protection against appropriation of assets, currency devaluation, as well as death protection. These unique policies contain dividend features, a build-up of cash values, and cater to concerns people have about retirement income as well as transference of capital. One of these unique products will most likely meet your expectations.

PRODUCT COMPONENTS: The uniqueness of the Freedom Series lies in its two living benefit features: every policy contains high guaranteed cash values and earned dividends. This causes a significant portion of each annual payment to go toward building guaranteed cash values and dividend funds.

ANNUAL POLICY BENEFITS: There is an immediate cash dividend paid to all policyowners, upon issuance of the policy. This is one of the distinctive and impressive features of the product. Once the policy is issued and the policyowner pays the annual premium, CICA LIFE immediately pays a cash dividend to the owner.