Purpose, Principles, Philosophy & Beliefs

To be successful in a team endeavor, it is important to achieve the blending of each member's mental, physical, and emotional abilities into a single unit, for the purpose of pursuing an objective that will be beneficial to all concerned, one in which each member can sincerely believe and play a significant role. The CITIZENS' "team" is composed of associates, employees, management, policyholders and stockowners. Every member of the team is very important and special because we cannot function effectively without each other. We believe every member of the team is important and should be an owner and have an interest in the Company. 


The purpose of the CITIZENS' team is to serve our fellowman through living benefit financial products, and in doing so, to build one of the largest, most successful and proficient life insurance companies in the world, and also by providing lifetime financial security to individuals and families all over the world. Our objective is not just to own stock, be a policy owner, have a job, make sales, receive a paycheck, build a company or be successful, but instead, for the sincere purpose of helping others live longer and better financially.


The principles which guide our actions are: the ethical standard, morality, integrity and spirit of our conduct should at all times be at a high level that no one will ever come in contact with CITIZENS without his or her life having been improved as a result of the association.


The philosophy of CITIZENS is not to be just another financial services institution. We intend to be different. In fact, we want the Company to be a way of life, one that causes living to be more meaningful and exciting by providing unique services, products, purpose, direction and inspiration to each member, as well as the public in general.


We believe every individual is unique and special, each having personal talents, along with unlimited potential for greatness. We think every human being is extremely capable and believe each one becomes even greater as his/her faith, self-image and respect increase. WE BELIEVE each teammate should maintain absolute faith and trust in people, himself/herself, his/her teammates, the Company, the purpose, the product, and the opportunities available to them.
We believe one never succeeds by tearing someone else down, but instead makes constant progress by praising his/her teammates and the competition. WE BELIEVE when a person desires to move up the "ladder," all he/she needs to do is push the one above a little higher by extolling that individual's merits. Praise others is a wonderful and powerful force!
We believe the more a teammate gives of himself/herself in service to others, and the more needs of others he/she actually fulfills, the greater will be that person's opportunity to be enriched. WE BELIEVE the measure of a life's value is determined by the quantity and quality of service rendered to other people.
We believe in people--trust people--respect people--like people, and think that every individual is special and important. WE BELIEVE that people are honest, sincere and that each person's desire to succeed need only be activated with a purpose, direction and motivation. WE BELIEVE that one's faith and emotions are the most powerful forces on earth. WE BELIEVE nothing great has ever been achieved by a person without a goal, enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude. So-called ordinary people become super human beings when filled with deep emotional feelings for a cause in which they truly believe and for which they are willing to die. WE BELIEVE people build companies, not that companies build people. We believe people are what they are because that is what they think they are.
We believe everyone wants to and can be successful. WE BELIEVE you are a winner; that our team is a winner; that our products are winners; and that our Company is a winner. WE BELIEVE that there are four things that distinguish winners from losers--character, pride, faith, and hard work. WE BELIEVE we should be proud of all that we do; do it with integrity; do it with class, and keep on believing and working regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We believe that a positive mental attitude is the little difference that makes a big difference in being successful or failing.
We believe the power, wisdom, and ability of the Infinite Creator of the Universe will help us achieve our goals when we believe, and that He assists us in direct proportion to the amount of our faith and work.
We believe the Architect of the Universe did not build a world of humanity going nowhere...we all came from someplace and we all are going someplace. WE BELIEVE our ideals, dreams and aspirations are like stars of the universe: we may never succeed in reaching them, but by having chosen them as guides, we will ultimately reach our destiny. Success breeds success! Believe and you will succeed!
The above PURPOSE, PRINCIPLE, PHILOSOPHY, AND BELIEFS form the basis for CITIZENS' actions and decisions.